The Government didn't want to rescue prices do not surge

On April 11, ren Zhiqiang, China real estate network and China building decoration Association, Chinese ceramics network jointly organized by "th Pan-home and real estate industry of China cross-border Summit" said in a comment on: 330 new deal is not a bailout, prices won't rise.
330 new deal not saved the city government didn't want to admit it
"I think 330 new deal is not a Government bailout, if you really want to save, it should be issued by the State Council, like five, eight and ten. "Ren Zhiqiang, with all due respect, this not directly issued by the State Council, but that the ministries, the Government may not want to admit its mistakes, use on behalf of the Ministry to reject the previous policy. Completely open real estate market when the Government did not like 2008, the policy's main purpose is to prevent the economy continued to slide.
on housing prices, the Government does not want prices to fast-growing
this year, prices will definitely change from negative to positive, not growth in the short term, but when the inventory after digestion and to a certain extent, prices will rise, which is the law, we have seen a rise in housing prices in, especially housing. But housing transactions is a personal act, has no effect for GDP. Just a room quickly digested in order to increase the investment in order to drive GDP growth. The Government does not want prices to fast-growing, why is 30% or down payment on a first home, down payment on a second home was 40%, not to 20% or 10%, now the main task is still to inventory. BACK
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