Reserve ratio again today 1%

people's Bank of China announced on 19th, 20th cut deposit reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions 1%. On this basis, targeted implementation of targeted reduction measures.

deposits reserves rate

Bank decided, for further enhanced financial institutions support structure adjustment of capacity, increased on small micro-enterprise, and "three agricultural" and major water construction, of support efforts, since 20th up on agricultural letter social, and village Bank, rural financial institutions additional reduced Yuan deposits reserves rate 1%, and unified cut rural cooperation bank deposits reserves rate to agricultural letter social level; on China Agricultural Development Bank additional reduced Yuan deposits reserves rate 2%.

in addition, consistent with its operational requirements and "San Nong" or small business loans up to a certain percentage of the State-owned banks and joint-stock commercial bank, the Central Bank decided to perform a similar statutory reserve 0.5% lower the reserve requirement ratio.

this was the Central Bank announced on February 4 a comprehensive reduction and directed since falling, second shots down and directed down.

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