Provident Fund loan limit of up to 20%

people club together with the Municipal Finance Bureau, city councils, municipal housing fund Center and other related departments issued a circular on university graduates to build good housing environment for Yong-employment and career related questions, supplementary notes (hereinafter referred to as the note), preferential policies for graduate housing qualification, Provident Fund handle and Dr issues such as loan and enjoy a further specification.

Suite how to identify?

clear in the description of the first standard suite: enjoy housing subsidy to purchase housing authority proof of family housing queries prevail. Housing accumulation Fund loan policies, according to home buyers, housing Provident Fund deposit to family housing queries issued by the Housing Department to prove, and the rules of proof of personal credit inquiry, interviews signed comprehensive finds, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the housing Provident Fund management sector.

employer in Ningbo personnel intermediary services to pay social insurance of university graduates, employer delegate and pay social insurance and Housing Fund certificate (duplicate) issued by the Social Welfare Department and the people pay social security shows that handle purchase discount qualification for college graduates.

What are provident funds preferential policies to handle changes?

4 the description added

one is graduates in line with loan-related provisions and repayment ability of the premise, the loan amount can float 20%.

second is a graduate of the Ningbo (real estate), purchase offers for college graduates the qualification form, can be within the city limits for offsite housing accumulation Fund loan.

combination of three graduates apply for loans, commercial loans and the standards of housing accumulation Fund loan down payment, take on higher principles.

four graduates enjoy housing common reserve fund loan policies, when handling the rental loan transferred, shall provide the loan purchase vouchers during the House on September 20, 2014, until September 19, 2015, Ningbo city, as well as the purchase offers for college graduates the qualification form.

Central enterprises, industries and manpower unit, deployed in Ningbo units how to enjoy?

Ningbo Central enterprises, industries and manpower unit subordinate institutions and province of employment of college graduates, according to Yong people Club (2014) 181th, housing benefits, accepting sector for the city's talent Service Center; in Ningbo housing Provident Fund payments, can receive loan offers.

Dr subordinate organs and institutions, the introduction of the province, the municipal finance other municipal units, and 50% housing loan interest subsidy; Central and provincial affiliated enterprises to introduce tax caliber Dr to confirm that tax in Ningbo enterprises can enjoy a 50% the housing loan interest subsidy. Foreign and in Ningbo who served in the military have not enjoyed within the scope of the object.

Dr loan how to enjoy?

Dr purchase property rights held by the people, enjoy Dr to declare the mortgage discount policy, enjoy according to the following principles:

(1) the husband and wife jointly owned property and the two sides are pH, one full enjoyment, receiving 50% benefits of the other party;

(2) immediate family members holding property jointly with Dr, Dr House loan applicants property rights 1/2 (inclusive) or more, as required and in full enjoyment; less than 1/2, according to the proportion of property rights to enjoy, single homes up to enjoy the 180,000 yuan loan;

(3) non-immediate family members purchases by many doctors, Dr individual enjoys the housing loan interest subsidy policy applicants must hold 1/3 (or more) property, loan proportional to the property rights enjoy, single homes up to enjoy the 180,000 yuan loan.

2014 first Dr purchase loan discount declared work has official began, meet conditions who can Yu December 30 Qian by on submitted Dr graduates purchase loan discount grants application of notification of program, carry about material submitted where units, by where units for information early nuclear, again will declared object about material sent the County (City) District accepted units, which city this level units reported city talent Service Center, County (City) District units reported County (City) District talent service institutions review.

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