Housing loans of the six attention

many consumers now use loans to buy a House, however, is not a little thing, to fully consider it. Experts pointed out that consumers in the mortgage to pay attention to when "six do not."

don't use before, apply for a loan fund. If borrower before the loan for provident fund balance to pay for House, your reserve account reserve balance is zero, so your Provident Fund loan limit is zero, this means that you will be applying for the Provident Fund loans.

Second, the prepayment of loans not within the first year. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provident Fund loans, partial prepayment should be made after the loan for less than a year, and you have returned the amount should be more than 6 months of payments.

three, repayment difficulties do not forget to look for the side of the banks. When you borrow debt-servicing capacity within the time limit, payment difficulties, don't go. ICBC's customer to the Bank's application for an extension of the loan period, investigations by the Bank is true, and is not of default mortgage principal, interest, Bank will accept an application for your extension of the loan period.

after four, loans rented housing don't forget the duty of disclosure. When you have mortgage rental housing during the loan, your mortgage must be the fact that inform the lessee in writing.

don't forget to withdraw after five, loans to pay off the mortgage. When you pay off the full principal and interest on the loan, Bank loan discharge and mortgaged real estate other proof of entitlement to housing district, County, withdrawal of mortgage of real estate transactions.

six, don't lose loan contracts and IOUs. Apply for a mortgage loan, Bank with your signed loan contracts and IOUs are important legal documents. Due to the longest loan term up to 30 years, as a borrower, you should keep your contracts and IOUs.


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