Housing benefit in first-tier cities collective adjustment Provident Fund

  9th, Shanghai provident funds Center concerning the adjustment of housing credit ceiling and second-hand House loan term of notice, houses in points out of first and second sets, personal and family funds loans raising the upper limit to 500,000 yuan and 1 million Yuan supplementary Provident Fund a maximum of 600,000 yuan, 1.2 million Yuan. And two days ago, the Provident Fund the new deal have just landed in Shenzhen. This means that the first-tier cities had been Provident Fund all adjustments.
previously, only two days away, also adjusted the Provident Fund loans in Shenzhen. Adjusted to deposit workers ' families use the housing accumulation Fund of housing accumulation Fund loan to buy a suit in owner-occupied housing, down-payment is 20%; has 1 set of housing and settlement of housing accumulation Fund loan housing Provident Fund deposit workers ' families, to improve living conditions once again apply for housing accumulation Fund loan to buy ordinary owner-occupied housing, down-payment is 30%.
mid-March, Beijing State Provident Fund have been adjusted. Adjusting account balance found that individual account balances of less than 20,000 yuan under the original calculated in accordance with 20,000 yuan, adjusting for individual account balance is calculated according to the 50,000 yuan less than 50,000 yuan. In addition, the loan amount is 1.2 million Yuan.
on March 18, Guangzhou announced by Provident Fund to buy below 90 square meters reduced down payment on a first home to 20%. While the news, Guangzhou housing Provident Fund management centres are currently studying in Bank lending, provident Centre discount form, relief fund loan funding gap issues.
Provident Fund loan restrictions and financial subsidy for home buyers is the most important means to stimulate the property market at present. On the North, and wide, deep four major cities policy adjustment of positive effect on the market, is also expected to signal to other local real estate markets. BACK
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