Buy second homes under the new deal to rent a a a better deal?

"330 new deal", the major City Bank mortgage second mortgage down payments in succession to 30%. Want to buy second homes and are ready to loan buyers, "rent a loan" is probably a good choice.
   what is the rent for a loan?
want to buy second homes, but the first set was not finished for, in the past, high down payments under the policy, the first Suite only can afford to sell to fund the down payment of second homes. But now the second mortgage down-payment to 40%, may not be sold the first suite, you can first set of rental housing, mortgage second mortgage loan, first home loan monthly rent can be used to complement. Rent to buy a case, property owners only second mortgage monthly payment.
is worth? Is accounts
-time buyers purchased three or four years ago, a more than 60-square meters of housing, housing prices are not high, and when mortgage rates are discounted monthly loans over more than 2000. "3ยท30" new deal was launched, the second mortgage down-payment to 40%, hope to buy second homes. Now wants to buy second homes around 1.5 million Yuan, down payments to be given 600,000 yuan, contributing for four thousand or five thousand Yuan a month. Rent out the first suite of more than 60 square meters, monthly rent and mortgage, new homes monthly payment of four thousand or five thousand Yuan, pressure is not great for buyers.
If, while lower prices less than 2 million Yuan to improve its regional change to buy property without the need for "sell buy a" room. If the rental market in the area is good, "rent to buy" enough to achieve the goal of home Exchange. BACK
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