Bank mortgage interest rate cut next month to adjust the 500,020 loan for few hundred Yuan a month

on November 22, the Central Bank announced interest rate cuts. However, as most of the contract with the customer, the Bank will from January 1, 2015, to adjust mortgage rates. Then, after the decline in mortgage rates, buyers can also how much less?

mortgage rates as of next month how many affordable down home loan customers get?

according to Bank insiders, at present, most of the customer and the Bank agree on January 1 every year adjusting interest rates. Therefore, the Bank will from January 1, 2015, enable the pedestrian latest benchmark interest rates for these loans. Since the Bank cut interest rates, customers in 2015 to gain many benefits.

for example, suppose customer loan balances 1 million Yuan, had interest rates of more than 5-year benchmark interest rate 6.55%, for a period of 20, with periodic repayment. January 1 lending rate down to a new five-year benchmark lending rate above 6.15%, through 2015, the customer will be less about 4000 Yuan interest.

in addition, the industry has introduced, for matching the repayment of customers, on January 1, 2015 to lower interest rates, the principal amount of the loan each month to return more than in December 2014, and will increase month by month. Principal had more customers coming in loans settled prior to the total interest rate less, customers is a big plus.

January monthly payment may not fall but rise   Crescent in February, for the best

However, bankers warned that falling interest rates does not mean that all buyers January monthly payment will be reduced, there may occur for January increased rather than decreased.

Bank people introduced, General said, by matching principal and interest repayment way of customer, this year January of months for will than last year December less some, but due to is segment meter card, also not excluded appeared many anti-more of phenomenon, like a customer of repayment day is January 10, so Bank on January of months for, on will segment calculation, since December 11, 2014-December 31, 2014 by original interest rate calculation, Since January 1, 2015 – January 10, 2015 at the new interest rate will be calculated for customers in periodic repayments, this year after the interest rate is less, so its principal amount will increase, when part of the increase in principal than interest reduction section, may appear for many months more.

industry recommends that customers might as well before the January monthly payments in their own, deposited some funds for repayment to avoid overdue loans. Meanwhile, starting from February 2015, the loan monthly payments will be lower than in 2014, customers can order February monthly repayment for the future reference.

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