April second home down payments or down

a few days ago, Premier Li keqiang when answering reporters ' questions suggested that the demand for owner-occupied housing and improving housing, promote the long-term stable and healthy development of the real estate market. Experts from the Ministry of housing said the next relevant ministries will make consequential adjustments to existing policies, including reducing second mortgage down-payment, cut second-home loan rates, and improve sexual needs redefining.

it is understood that the current second mortgage down-payment enforcement too strict, 60%-70% down-payment standards in property market in 2013 during the most popular stream of suppressive policies, tax purposes is strictly controlled to improve the market pushing up house prices. In February 2013, a new "five" differentiated housing loan policy has been further strengthened, first-tier cities as well as Xiamen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities to raise the down payment on a second home to 70%. From the perspective of the latest policy information, the future will be encouraged and improved, down payment on a second home are clearly inflated second home purchases back to 50% would be the most likely choice. Expected in the industry, April is the most possible time points in two home purchases down policy.

in addition, issued by the Ministry of housing was brewing on stable housing consumption related documents, including two important observations: first, the Provident Fund will be used to purchase first home down payment to 20%; two second-home loan down payment ratio is reduced, lower mortgage rates. This document has been supported by Finance Ministry and Central Bank.

in fact, measures to support the Fund drop down, local governments have already started, Jinan, Guangzhou has been the implementation of the policy. Media reports, the Ministry of housing was preparing to submit to the State of the housing Provident Fund management regulations (revised edition), use of citizens ' Housing Fund will be a major breakthrough, Jinan and Guangzhou are just ahead. Reported that the local requirements, the basic situation of Central Bank research mortgage rates before, adjusted mortgage rate, now finds that the financial regulation is financial mortgage, second mortgage down-payment ratio so reduced to 50% calls for very high.

from the limited restriction of development loans, administrative, one size fits all regulation is being phased out, future mortgages will be more market-oriented, decide whether lower down-payment requirements and interest rates by commercial banks, are possible. It is learnt that the liquidity and credit is an important factor affecting real estate, monetary policy will continue for the year is expected to go wide to hedge against foreign exchange declined to maintain reasonable liquidity. The industry is expected, after March, reduced accuracy and more likely to cut interest rates again.

it is understood that the relaxation of credit policy to release the purchasing power, in March, there will be about 85 percent of the home loan interest rate discounts for buyers, the equivalent of house prices in disguise cut. In property market fundamentals are still to "inventory" under the background of the market, banks and other financial institutions to continue to strengthen the property market "risk control" is necessary. But with the advance of deposit interest rate, banks and other financial institutions to obtain funding costs remain high, mortgage rates are unlikely to drop sharply the space, small drop is something to look forward to.

If related policies and landed, on loans for families buying a second home will be a big plus. At present, in accordance with the relevant provisions for second home mortgages, if the first set has been paid off, treatment of second homes can enjoy the first, lowest down payment 30%; if the first loan is not repaid, the minimum down payment is 70%, to 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate times. In the latter case, such as second-home payments dropped to 50%, down payments can pay less to 20%, a total of 1 million Yuan House could pay 200,000 heads of State pay less, will greatly reduce the pressure buyers down payment, lower mortgage rates will reduce the purchasers ' repayments pressure.

real estate finance and legal Director of the research center of Nankai University in Tianjin Xu Baoman said due to the current real estate market has accumulated more demand, so the market needs to be released. This is nothing more than supply and demand, as adjusted, especially to improve sexual desire, we also have to look at it as is required, which means independence and improved now shows just state that you want. Moreover, the market moderately relaxed monetary policy, will have the second release of home purchases and cut interest rates. If implemented, the real estate market is still a modest boost. "Improving demand" redefined, I think nothing area as well as a set of two houses the time interval may be adjusted, after all, "improving demand" not to advocate people to buy big, big house, so in the first suites and two rooms of the time probably will be readjusted.

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