Loan process

processes and procedures:

1, and borrowing people loan Qian Advisory, fill in residents housing mortgage applications, and submitted Bank following proved material: take show where units issued of borrowing people fixed economic income proved; borrowing guarantor of license and corporate proved, funding letter proved file; borrowing people has legal effectiveness of identity proved; meet legal provides of about housing ownership documents or I right to dominated housing of proved; mortgage property of valuation report book, and testimonials and insurance documents; purchased built housing of contract, and agreement or other proved file; Other documents or materials sought by the lending bank.

2, Bank of the borrower's loan application, purchase contract, agreement and related reviewed material.

3, of a borrower's mortgage title insurance policies and bank or securities custody.

4 housing mortgage loans, borrowers and guarantors sign the contract and be notarized.

5, after the loan contract is signed and notarized, bank deposits and loans to borrowers by autopay into the purchase contract or agreement specified housing units or housing units for sale.

because mortgage loans related to real estate, banks and developers, so remember when handling business risks.

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